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Preserving our Planet and the environment are essential to us.

Therefore in all our t-shirts, from the raw materials to the finished product we try to be as sustainable as possible.

We only use t-shirts made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of genetically modified crops, fertilizers, pesticides, and other synthetic agro-chemicals harmful to the land. 

By using organic cotton our suppliers drastically reduce the use of water as well. The yarns are spun and the fabrics knitted and dyed on water and energy efficient machines. The wet processing and the dyeing conforms all the organic standards.

Organic cotton is the most skin-friendly, soft and harmless natural fibre. The result is a fabric that is soothingly soft to the touch.

Our suppliers comply with the regulations of the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labour Practices thus people working for them are paid a fair price, there is no discrimination in employment, no exploitation of child labour, and safe and healthy working conditions are provided.

To verify and to be sure that the whole production chain is sustainable, we only use t-shirts made by suppliers are committed and certified by different labels like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fair Wear.

And finally we only use water-based inks for our prints, which means no petro-chemicals go into the actual t-shirts. No plastic, no PVC, no phthalates, no PCB’s. Water-based inks penetrate into fibres becoming part of the garment and produce ultra soft and breathable prints that will last for years.

Glaciers in Svalbard. Arctic Design. Eco-friendly t-shirts. Four Whales
Svalbard - glaciers. Arcic Desgin. Four Whales. Eco-friendly Design Fashion
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